Written in response to Free Falling Double Bill by Hagit Yakira/ by Alexandrina Hemsley

Two Dances
waiting to see what is in front of
these two dances
sifting between
bound, built muscle
and fine porcelain
that breathes through
cells like the sound of
the sea heard through conches
pressed against trusting ears
rotating arms, extending necks and twisting hips
to fold into the underneath
which reveals the mystery
of and in
an invitation to fall and
to recover ourselves
holding our weight between
two panes of glass
in case we slip out
we are afraid to fall and yet
here these dances coax us
into an imaginary where
light refracts around
bodies inhabiting
subtle spinning sadness
becoming prisms
of breath and momentum
of companions supporting
of trusting intuition
of falling into place
of falling into rest
slow weight cascades down bodies
bodies nuzzling back to life
a subtle acceptance
of openness and connectivity
and release before recovery
chasing one another like semi-quavers working
through their emotions
creating inky music
and missing people
missing connections
letting go
leaving behind
investing in channels
of the body
which dazzle